Free From Food Awards 2015 – A Day Of Judging!

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If you follow me on any of my social media accounts then you will know that I have been up in London since Monday on a secret mission…which I revealled yesterday was to judge the Free From Food Awards, an award scheme designed to lead the freefrom sector to ever …

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Raspberry Jelly & A Heart-Shaped Tray Give Away!


OK, so how many of you out there celebrates Valentines Day in some way? I kind of sit on the fence a bit.  On one hand I expect a dozen red roses and a huge box of chocolates (*clears throat*), yet on the other hand I think it is commercial …

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Pack-A-Punch Savoury Muffins


Today I had a lucky escape! After a barely-awake shower I stumbled down the stairs, turning on the living room light as I dragged myself to the kitchen to make breakfast. Immediately I was chastised by Roo and Pickle… “Don’t put the light on! We’re having a disco!” they screamed …

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Simple Store Cupboard Tomato Soup


 Today I have realised that I am a proper southern softie!  My hands, despite being in gloves, were numb within minutes of venturing outside to drop the kids at school. OK, I have know that I am soft for a while…I used to live in Sheffield and I couldn’t bear …

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Maple & Pecan Cookies…A Recipe For Nature’s Path


The sun is shining and life looks good.  Hopefully it is only going to get better when I share this recipe with you that I have created for Nature’s Path. If you haven’t heard of Nature’s Path then it is high time you did!  If you visit the ‘freefrom’ aisle …

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Today Is Going To Be A Good Day…

Today is going to bea good day!

  This morning, with the kids snuggled in next to me for their daily morning cuddle in bed, I announced that today was going to be a good day.  What I didn’t know was that moments later I would be subjected to a ‘rave’. Let me explain… In NLP (neuro …

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The Gluten-free Rip Off!

Lidl GF_result

I know if you are reading my blog that you are likely to feel the same about this issue as me… Ripped off! On the whole I understand why freefrom food is more expensive than ‘normal’ food…the market is smaller, the cost of ingredients generally higher (although not always!)…but then …

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Store Cupboard Salmon Fishcakes


  I’m feeling pretty frazzled.  Something we all take for granted will happen by itself is slightly off kilter at the moment. It is the good old sleep thing.  Once again that mischievous switch is playing up inside my body, a bit like a dodgy computer that mostly turns off …

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