A Low FODMAP, Vegetarian, Low Sugar Dinner Party!


At the weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining some friends, one of which is on the low FODMAP diet, is a vegetarian and is also diabetic. Being pretty used to catering for restricted diets I set about designing a menu that everyone could have without highlighting the person with …

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Clementine & Cointreau Mincemeat


This week has been incredibly busy. I am not sure what happens to time, but it seems that it passes me by with the blink of an eye and my enormous list of things to do gets ever longer! Anyway, there were several food ‘experiments’ that I wanted to do …

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My Ongoing Mission To Avoid Rice…

Final-logo_fairy pinterest

Just a quick one today. I have had a visit from Environmental Health to sign me off for another three years to create and sell cakes and bakes from my kitchen…not that I ever do! I have also had a visit from our chimney sweep, to sweep the chimney and …

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Gluten-free, Dairy-free Christmas Cake


This week I seem to have been on fire!  I think it must be due to all the inspiration I had at Mumsnet Blogfest last Saturday combined with a few days away from the family. Anyway, what it means is that not only have I made our Christmas cake (what? …

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I Need A New Job!

Mixing up the Christmas cake...sweet! Now look at Pickle's shirt. You will understand when you have read this post!

“I quit my job as Mummy” I calmly announce to Pickle, my five year old. It all started last night when Roo, my seven year old coeliac returned from Brownies with a chocolate that I had no idea whether she could eat or not. “Can I eat this Mummy?” It’s …

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A Few Of My Favourite Things – October/November

freefrom food roundup

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?  I have just realised that more than a month has passed since I last did a roundup of my favourite things!  Back then I called it my ‘freefrom food roundup’ but since this one is going to include some other things I …

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Blogfest And Natural Skin Care Products


Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder how that happened, or is it just me?  I am sure it isn’t just me! Recently when I look in the mirror, I see crinkles that weren’t there before, many grey hairs poking through the supposed ‘permanent’ hair colour, and far …

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Spiced Toffee Apple Traybake


Sometimes I wish that I had the ability to ignore everything else in the world and live in my own little bubble.  I do pretty well on the whole.  Since studying to become an NLP Practitioner a few years ago I am more able than I used to be.  Step …

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