Savvy Spreads Give Away!


I have a couple of pieces of news for you that might be of interest. The first regards a gluten-free flour blend that does not contain rice, and the second is about some delicious sweet spreads based on tahini (sesame paste) with no refined sugars…that I am giving away…more of …

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Sweet Lemon & Spice Kefir Buns


  “My chest hurts and I feel poorly” says Pickle as he emerges from his room half an hour later than normal, hair askew with dark rings around his eyes… So I am resigned to yet another day in front of tedious children’s television, while I try to get on …

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Recipe Book Update & Gluten-Free Choux Pastry


 It is Friday again and after a rather bug infested half-term I am not feeling much refreshed.   However, you will be pleased to hear that I found my ‘mojo’ again and after some kitchen experiments this week I perfected gluten-free choux pastry using my now almost perfect rice-free flour …

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Milk Kefir – My New Experiments!

kefir 4

  I have been using probiotics (beneficial bacteria) for a long time to try and sort out my tummy problems. When I first started to use them I found that my symptoms just got worse. My bloating was so bad that I had to stop taking them.  That was before …

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I Need Your Help!

Untitled design

I know you are all very busy but if you could spare me a few minutes of your time I would really appreciate it! I have spent the morning doing some research into the publishing options for my recipe book (once it is ready!), whilst mum has the kids. Now …

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Recipe Book Update 3 – No Progress!


 OK, so a few weeks ago when I made the decision to go ahead and develop a recipe book I also thought that it would be nice to provide regular updates on how I was getting on. The successes I had had along with the failures; some pictures to whet …

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Bugs, Good Or Bad: Gut Microbiota and Health.

Bugs Glorus Bugs!

Bugs. They are everywhere. As I sit and write I have a bug infested child sitting next to me, giving me a running commentary about what is happening in Star Wars (he is feeling a little perkier this morning after running a 40+ temperature yesterday). I never liked Star Wars. …

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Food And Music


  I have had an incredibly busy morning making 60 bakes for a function tonight, whilst also making two of my future recipes for Nature’s Path in advance of a photo shoot tomorrow! Time to sit down and quickly share something a bit different… Of course, anyone who has visited …

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