Arsenic In Gluten-Free Food…

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At last there is some acknowledgement of an issue that I have been ranting about for a long time! Today I read an article in Nature World News that finally points to the fact that coeliacs are at risk of eating too much arsenic because of the amount of rice-based …

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Five Minute Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe


For a long time I have been meaning to experiment with microwave cakes.  Something that could be prepared and cooked in minutes to satisfy my family’s sweet cravings after dinner! Of course, in order to fulfil my usual philosophy of free-from, healthy and simple recipes, I needed to dream up …

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They Say The Funniest Things!


One of the best things about having children has to be the things they come out with!  Pickle, being five, is the king of funny sayings.  I think he partly says things to make you laugh (being a big fan of entertaining), but often what he says just happens to …

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Super Charged Bubble and Squeak


As is often the case these days, I open the fridge to an array of leftovers and vegetables past their best, upon which dinner has to be conjured (yes I do feel like a magician quite often!).  This week was no exception when I found some mashed potato lurking at …

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Fossil Hunting and a Fabulous Find!


Yesterday was a great day! After a relaxed morning pottering about the house and helping the kids with their homework we set off for Charmouth in Dorset for a spot of fossil hunting. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky being so close to a huge number of beaches. Each one with …

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